Moses and Jesus were out golfing. They came to the 12th hole where you had to hit over a small pond. Jesus got up on the tee and Moses asked him what club he was going to use to get over the water.

"I'm hitting a 7-iron," replied Jesus, "that's what Arnold Palmer hits with on this hole."

Moses told him he didn't think he could make it with a 7-iron, but Jesus insisted, "If Arnold Palmer hits a 7-iron over so can I." He hits the 7-iron and sure enough he it right in the middle of the pond. He told Moses to retrieve his ball, so Moses parted the waters and walked out and brought it back to him.

He asked Jesus again, "Now what club are you going to use?" Jesus replied, "A 7-iron, if Arnold Palmer can do it so can I." He hits again and back into the water it goes. He sends Moses after the ball again. Moses parts the waters and brings it back again and asks the same question.

Jesus says, "Arnold Palmer uses a 7-iron and I know I can too."

Moses says disgustingly, "If you hit it in the water this time I am not going after it, you will have to go get it yourself."

So Jesus hits the 7-iron again and sure enough, back in the water so he walks upon the water and goes after it.

About that time another golfer comes by, looks out and sees Jesus walking on the water and says to Moses, "Who does that guy think he is, Jesus?"

"No," says Moses, "he thinks he's Arnold Palmer."

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