A scientist had a frog. He decided to study the little guy. So he says, "Jump frog, Jump," and the frog jumped 8 feet. He noted in his journal that a frog with 4 legs jumps 8 feet. Then he cut off one leg and said, "Jump Frog, Jump." The frog then jumped 6 feet and he made the required notation. After cutting off the second leg and saying, “Jump frog, Jump,” the frog only jumped 4 feet and the scientist so noted. He then cut of the third leg and told the frog to jump. He jumped 2 feet and the scientist noted in his book that a frog with only one leg jumps 2 feet. Finally, he cut off the last leg and said, "Jump Frog, Jump" but alas the frog jumped nowhere. The scientist opened his book and noted, "After cutting off all legs, the frog becomes totally deaf."

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