45.       Brave Men
There was a meeting called for the highest-ranking officers of all the armed forces of the United States. A heated discussion ensued about who had the bravest men.


The General of the Army said, "I have the bravest men. Watch this soldier get in here!"

"Sir, yes sir!" said the soldier with a snappy salute.

"I want you to shoot yourself in the foot with this pistol."

"Sir, yes sir!" The soldier takes the pistol, points it at his foot, pulls the trigger and BANG shoots himself right in the foot.

"That will be all son, go see the doctor"

"Sir, yes sir!"


The General of the Marines said, "That was pretty brave, but watch this! Marine front and center."

"Sir, yes sir!" with that springboard type of salute that only a Marine can give. The Marine General throws a live grenade into the corner and said, "Marine, you better save our lives." No questions asked, the Marine jumps on the grenade and is blown to smithereens.


The General of the Air force said, "That was pretty brave; but, come aboard my super airplane C5A and I'll show you brave."

So, everyone goes up into the wild blue yonder and when the airplane is about a 10,000 feet up in the air, the General yells, "Airman Jump."

"Sir, yes sir!" No Chute, no question the airman jumps and falls all the way back to earth and splats on the ground.


The Admiral of the Navy said, "That was pretty brave, but come aboard my super Aircraft Carrier USS America, and I'll show you brave." So everyone goes onboard the USS America. Everyone is standing on the flight deck and the Admiral says, "See that seaman way at the top of the mast shining brass? Watch this. Seaman Jump!"

"Sir, get lost Sir!"

The Admiral turns around and said now *that's* brave!

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