As Mr. Segal was on a business trip to Tokyo. One Saturday he decided to take a walk, and was very surprised to find a Synagogue along his way.

Intrigued, he went in, and there was a full Shabbos-service taking place. All the correct prayers of the service were said, the Reading of the Torah was flawless, the Chazzan sang as to heavenly choir. The only difference was that all the congregants were Japanese!

Segal felt uplifted, as he hadn't for many years, and after the service went up to the rabbi.

"Rabbi," Segal said, "I have to tell you that was a marvelous service, the kiddush is wonderful and you can feel very proud of your shul"

"Ah so" said the Rabbi "Many thanks, but tell me - you Jewish?"

"Yes I am" said Segal

"Funny, you don't rook Jewish"


This leads only to two Martians having a conversation

"Hello" said Martian 1 "I'm 2627XZ34bsdq"

"Hi" said Martian 2 "I'm 7678hgflk11"

"Funny" said the first Martian "you don't look Jewish"


and the old lady who goes up to a man and asks, "Are you Jewish?"

"No madam, I'm not" he replied

"Don't be shy about it," she said "Nothing to worry about"

"I can assure you that I am not in any sense Jewish" said he

"Are you ashamed of being Jewish? " she queried in a shrill voice.

"Madam I would be proud to be Jewish if I were, but I'm not" he said wearily

"Come on now, you aren't fooling anyone. I'll keep asking you until you admit it"

"Alright" he said wearily "if it makes you happy, Yes I'm Jewish"

"Funny, you don't look Jewish"

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