John caught two mice and put them in his pocket. He went home, tied one of the mice to his bed and said to his wife, "Prepare a sumptuous meal for 20 people, they are coming to us for dinner. I am going to the market. He went to the market and there invited 20 friends. He took one mouse out of his pocket and told it, "Go to my wife and tell her that we have guests, and she must prepare a meal for 20 people. Then tell her to tie you to my bed."

Everyone laughed, and said, "Poor John, there will be no food when we will come to his house, but let's go and make fun of him." They came to his house and there was a sumptuous meal waiting for them. They where amazed to see that the mouse gave the message to his wife, and that she had tied it to the bed afterwards.

A rich friend of his who was there very excitedly told him, "Sell me this mouse for 100 Dhirams.

"No", said John, "It is too precious."

"200 Dhirams", said the man, then immediately upped his offer to 300.

"Agreed", said John and he sold the mouse for a good price.

The wealthy man went home and told to his wife, "I bought a fantastic animal." He went to the market and invited 50 friends for a big party. He pulled the mouse out of his pocket and told it, "Go and tell my wife to prepare the meal and then to tie you to my bed."

The friends came but the table was empty. He complained to his wife, "But I sent you the mouse to tell you to prepare for our guests.

"She shouted at him, "You're crazy! What mouse?"

All the guests laughed at him and he got very angry. He took John to court and explained the story. The judge asked John, "What have you got to say for yourself?"

"I have one question to ask him. Did he give the mouse the address of his home?"


"So how do you want it to find the place?"

The judge replied, "That's quite right. Case dismissed."

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