35 Ways to use an America Online Disk (floppy & CD)

1. Drink coaster

2. Door stopper (use multiple disks)

3. Ice scrapper

4. Shower tile

5. Place holder in a book

6. Mini-Frisbee

7. Air hockey puck

8. Dog chew toy

9. Fly swatter (tape it to a long stick)

10. Dart board

11. Boot Disk (neon green disk only)

12. Joke disk (pull out the inside)

13. Pooper scooper

14. Grill scraper

15. Use them for Karate (save a tree)

16. Wrist slicer (after receiving first AOL bill!)

17. Wallpaper or wallpaper border

19. Toy for an 18-month-old

20. Be an AOL diskette surgeon and dissect a diskette.

21. Destroy them (to relieve stress)

22. Prop up uneven table or chair legs

23. Put them on car windshields at the mall (along with this list)

24. Disk house (like a card house)

25. Chinese throwing stars (tape 2 together)

26. Greeting card (bind two together at one end)

27. Halloween Treat (give them away all night long)

28. Hockey Puck (rubber band a few together)

29. Paper weights

30. Pen holders (make a box without a top)

31. Post-it notes holder

32. Refrigerator magnet (glue a magnet to the back)

33. Money clip (pop off metal door, throw away rest)

34. Solar Eclipse Glasses (move metal door, and look though disk)

35. Eye patch (aye' maties!)

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