You might be a net surfer if...


You surf the net with more than 5 browser windows open at the same time.


You see underlined sentences in the paper and have the urge to double click on them.


You have the curly 'e' logo tattooed on your forearm.


Run a red light on the way to work and start looking for the back button.


You don't have a bookmark list you have a database.


You programmed your own search engine.


You are sleepwalking to your computer at night.


Your gold fish has its own web site.


You start leaving your reminder notes on your refrigerator in HTML.


You put best viewed with Netscape 3.0 or above on your drivers license.


You start making web sites for all of your friends so you can get to know them more.


You change your dogs name from Bowser to Browser.


You put in random URL's just see where you end up.


You put a @ in front of your home address (@227 Ridge road).


You go to personal web sites just to see their links page.

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