A nurse, working on a pediatric surgical unit, cared for many little folks recovering from tonsillectomies. On the morning of surgery, one little boy came in with a loose tooth. As was the accepted practice, the parents and child were advised that the tooth would be removed during surgery for safety's sake, and returned to the child for the tooth fairy.

The little guy awoke from his recovery nap, weeping quietly. With encouragement from his mother, he looked under his pillow to find a dollar left by the tooth fairy. He immediately started to cry in earnest, which made his throat hurt even more. In her best bedside manner, the nurse put her arm around him and explained that if he would try really hard to swallow his medicine, it would make his throat feel better.

At this point, he cried even harder. Being an experienced nurse, she assumed that he was upset at the thought of having to swallow with a very sore throat. She tried to comfort him, but he kept crying, saying, "I want my tonsils back."

When she asked him why, he looked at her incredulously, with the widest, tear-filled blue eyes she'd ever seen and said, "Well if my tooth is worth a dollar, my tonsils must be worth at least $5!"

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