There were these cowboys cooking on a campfire after a hard day in the saddle. They had on hot beans and coffee. One looked up and saw this cloud of dust coming towards them. The cloud kept getting bigger until he finally saw what was making it. It was a man on a mountain lion whipping it with a rattlesnake.

The man rode into the camp, jumped off the mountain lion, kicked him, and said "lay down there," coiled the snake up and threw it to the ground.

By this time the cowboys' eyes were wide, and not a word was said, as the stranger walked over to the campfire. He reached into the boiling pot of beans with his hand and scooped up a handful and ate them, grabbed the steaming coffee pot and drank it right from the spout. The stranger looked around at the wide-eyed cowboys, reached into the hot coals, and wiped his mouth.

The stranger said, "Thanks for the meal and drink boys, but I gotta go. There is a really MEAN TOUGH COWBOY chasing me."

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