100.       Jewish Riddles
Q: What do you call steaks ordered by 10 Jews?

A: Filet minyan.


Q: What is the proper blessing to recite before logging on to the internet?

A: "Modem anachnu lach..."


Q: If a doctor carries a black bag and a plumber carries a toolbox, what does a mohel carry?

A: A Bris-kit


Moishe walks into a post office to send a package to his wife. The postmaster says, "This package is too heavy, you'll need another stamp."

Moishe replies, "And that should make it lighter?"


Elderly Jewish lady is leaving the garment district to go home from work. Suddenly a man, who has been walking towards her, stands in front of her, blocks her path, opens up his raincoat and flashes his wares in all their sordid glory.

Unruffled, she takes a look and remarks, "This you call a lining?"

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